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First Promo for Hand Balancer & Break-Dancer, Kalvin Wright

Hand Balancing & Break-Dancing UK:

Here is the first edit for Kalvin Wright, a talented Hand Balancer and Break-Dancer, we’ve filmed (and re-filmed) in several locations of Winchester and Southampton, the former has a distinct Hamlet atmosphere with great vistas and architecture unique to the city and the UK, which we felt would add a look exclusive to our video, while the latter has a more Urban-esque vibe which is more typical of the content of these types of videos (e.g Break-Dancing and Free Running), the combination of these best represents the UK Break-Dancing and Hand Balancing scenes. Plus admit it, it looks cool.

Kalvin Wright, Hand Balancer.


Kalvin is constantly impressing me, one shoot he’s playing a piano upside-down, the next he’s balancing on one hand high above the city of Winchester despite the fact he’s afraid of heights and hasn’t eaten a thing all day. When someone takes something extremely difficult and makes it look easy the way he does it’s hard to appreciate the amount of time and effort some people put into their skill.

As a group, when we see something or someone give an impressive display, it pushes us to do better in our own craft. When it comes to creating this promotional video we’re constantly trying to improve our work ethic and ideas to best represent Kalvins’ own skills.


As the saying goes, “Iron sharpens Iron”


Low Tides

This weekend we went on our indoor shoot for our short drama “Low Tide”. The shoot was almost cancelled before it even started, arriving late the meeting point at our media center I met Bailey, (our editor) who told us we didn’t have any cameras, straight after this news was broken to me, Taylor (our producer) walks in and tells us our actor, Hugo (here is his audition for the role if you’re curious ) is going to back out, on top of the fact that we still don’t have half our storyboards finished. Not the best start.

The problems managed to sort themselves over the rest of the day, we arrived at Hayling Island on Thursday evening, did run throughs of our scenes met Hugo and did some location scouting on Saturday, where we’re pretty sure we found a serial killers caravan situated right next to ours.


The rest of the shoot went extremely well, considering how terribly it started, we managed to get every shot we wanted, got Hugo to cry (on purpose) and finished early enough to watch some rugby in the sun.